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Test your might with arena mode

Show’em all who the TRUE LEGEND is!

Get in the action with a random team of Legends against the mightiest foes of Linirea.

Random opponents, parties, stages and even diversifiers will hinder or benefit your game plan!

The world needs legends!

Never before have the stakes been so high!

The lush lands of the Kingdom are now under the iron fist of the dreadful Dark Army… hordes of orcs are terrorizing the borders… terrible creatures await at every turn and a new menace lurks in the shadows ready to bring the realm to its knees...

There are no more sides, no more good against evil… only a Kingdom against those who threaten to destroy it!

Unique turn-based combat

More options, more action, more rush!

Do you have what it takes to save the kingdom?

Switch and match your heroes and improve their skills as you perfect the ultimate team strategy for the most LEGENDARY of tactical, turn-based combat experiences.

Recruit legendary heroes

as you adventure through danger-infested lands!

Recruit loyal heroes as you make your way through different adventures teeming with peril and opportunity.

Explore ruins, find treasures, solve riddles and face formidable monsters as your party explores randomly generated settings in the beloved fantasy world of Kingdom Rush!

Who will join you in your adventure? A holy paladin? A deadly assassin? Or maybe the eagle-eyed Ranger. YOUR CHOICE!

Embark on an epic journey through the world of Kingdom Rush

In an astounding RPG game with roguelike elements!

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Steam wishlist Find it on Arcade