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the world needs legends!

A hulking evil is coming and it must be stopped!

The Kingdom and the rest of the known world are now under the control of the dreadful Dark Army. However, a new threat bigger than the Dark Lord himself unites the heroes of the realm pushing the notions of good and evil aside.

Unique turn-based combat

More movement options, more action!

Fight on a hex-based grid moving around the combat area. Switch and match your heroes and companions until you find your ideal team for each battle!

Find treasures, solve riddles, explore ruins, and so on. The world will react differently according to your decisions, so be careful!

Surround yourself with loyal heroes and companions

Personalize your party!

Powerful heroes and companions are waiting for your command. A holy paladin, dark assassin, an evil demon. Pierce your enemies with your Ranger, curse them with your sorceress, or block killing blows with your Knight and even more! Plenty of options to best suit your strategy!

Embark on an epic journey through the fantasy medieval world of Kingdom Rush

In an amazing RPG game with roguelike elements!

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